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Broker fee's unearthed

There are already so many things to consider when looking for a new apartment in Brooklyn, now you hear that the apartment has a fee? What does that mean?

Ug, we know it suck to have to pay a fee on top of the price of the apartment, but in such a high-demand rental market like Brooklyn, it is just another thing to equate to your budget. 

In an effort to bring clarity to the various fee's, we'll unearth the common ones. 


Obviously the fan favorite, a 'NO FEE' 'apartment means you pay the advertised price, with no additional fees. However, Some Owner's ask for various down payments up-front so that does not always mean it will be the cheapest option. Most common upfront fees we have encountered with a no fee apartment are:

  1. First month + 1 *refundable security deposit
  2. First Month + 2 months *refundable security deposit
  3. First Month + Last Month + 1 month *refundable security deposit


The most common reason you come across a 'ONE MONTH FEE' is because the apartment is in a high-demand area and the Owner know it will rent, so they do not feel compelled to offer a no fee incentive.  

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